School Counselor's Reflections on Career and Life Planning Education in Hong Kong: How Career Theories Can Be Used to Inform Practice

  • Lawrence Pak-Wing Wong The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong, China
Keywords: Career counselling, life planning, career intervention, secondary schools, vocational education


Since the introduction of the Career and Life Planning Grant in 2014, a great deal of literature has focused on in-service teachers’ perceptions of the global factors that affect the deployment of resources in the provision of life planning education in Hong Kong. However, the issue of how practices can be better connected to theory at the school level is thinly discussed. This reflective paper attempts to bridge this research gap by using the author’s experience as an in-service career guidance teacher at a local secondary school to explore how sociological factors can impact the outcomes of career intervention. The sociological factors that will be discussed can be categorised under three main themes: 1) personal, 2) social and 3) cultural factors. The impact of these factors on the process of career counselling will be reviewed by referring to the relevant literature in the concluding part of this essay, which will help to shed light on how these practices can be better connected to evidence-based career intervention models at the secondary school level in Hong Kong.